The 2016 Nissan Versa From Albuquerque: Taking You To Your Next Vacation Spot

If you love going places with your friends and family, having your own car is such a convenience. It eliminates the need to commute with strangers. However, not every car has the capacity for group adventures. You need a ride that has enough space and power to bring you to your next destination. This is where the 2016 Nissan Versa comes in. Offering a roomy cabin and a fuel-efficient engine, this sedan will allow you to see places with your friends and family. More importantly, it is an affordable ride, which is good for those on a tight budget.

Keeping Everything And Everyone Together 

With Versa, no one will get left behind. You can invite your friends or bring your family to an out-of-town trip because this model can accommodate them while providing comfort. All your stuff have a place in it, too. Versa offers a trunk space of 14.9 cubic feet. It keeps all the luggage safe and hidden from other people. Smaller items like maps or water bottles can be placed in huge pockets located on the door panels for easy access. Moreover, a 60/40-split fold-down rear seat is available in case you need extra cargo space. With all these, you definitely have room for everything.

Pushing The Boundaries

Wanting to go to a distant place? There’s nothing to worry about with Versa with its mileage of 40 mpg highway. It can cover longer miles on every single full tank. What’s better is that it’s equipped with Xtronic CVT for a smoother and faster ride.

Before going to your next trip, you may want to check the 2016 Versa first. Go to a Nissan dealer in Albuquerque and see if it matches your needs and preferences.


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