The 2016 Nissan Rogue from Dealerships near Rio Rancho: Standing Above the Competition

It’s not easy being a crossover these days. With the market flooded with options of every size and configuration, standing out from the competition has only gotten harder.

But for industry leaders like Nissan, the fierce competition isn’t a drawback–it’s a challenge. That’s why the 2016 Nissan Rogue is back with a vengeance, packed with features that make it the most sensible choice.

Cargo Space for Everything

With other SUVs, you often have to choose between cargo and your passengers. If you want to go on a weekend fishing trip, for instance, you’d better keep tabs on how many friends you invite because you also have to make room for all your fishing gear.

Not so with the 2016 Rogue. With 39.3 cubic feet of storage available round back, space will be the least of your concern with this crossover. No matter how many or how big the items you need to haul, the Rogue won’t let you down.

Headroom to Spare

Drivers come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes crossovers feel like one-size-fit-all products. For drivers who are particularly tall, ample headroom is not just a luxury but a downright necessity. That’s why for the 2016 model, the Rogue comes with best-in-class headroom at 41.6 inches. You don’t need to be tall to drive this exceptional vehicle, but if you are it’s more than ready for you.

Did the 2016 Nissan Rogue pique your interest? Then head over to Nissan dealerships serving the Rio Rancho area to request for a test drive. When you experience this car first-hand, you’ll understand why many drivers are proud to call it their own.


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